Catherine Maxim- Catherine contacted me almost 4 years ago to buy a pet! She bought her male Bentley as a pet. Over the years in order to help me out when my house had too many , or I needed help in someway , Catherine would help me with the dogs, So, when Pokey was quite young and Cuddles was
a puppy, Cuddles ate Pokey's beard off. Catherine offered to help with Pokey and Pokey never came back to my house, Catherine had fallen in love with Pokey - and so, Catherine started in the show world at that time. Catherine had her 1st litter last year, out of Pokey and then the 2nd litter this year. Catherine has kept a Pokey Puppy - Blossom( Myshawns Final Destiny) . Both Pokey and Blossom continue to live with Catherine and I co- own them! Catherine and Pokey are involved with Pet therapy- and now Blossom tags along to the nursing home visits!  Our dogs love the demos, nursing home visits, hospital visits, kids birthday parties, fairs etc ! They all have great temperaments!